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Lady Constance Keeble
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Lady Constance Keeble, nee Threepwood, widow of the late Joseph Keeble, who made a packet out East; sister of Lord Emsworth and chatelaine of Blandings in Leave It to Psmith, Pig-Hoo-o-o-o-ey!, Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend, Summer Lightning, Go-Getter, Heavy Weather, The Crime Wave at Blandings, Uncle Fred in the Springtime, Pigs Have Wings, Service With a Smile, Galahad at Blandings, Sticky Wicket at Blandings. For a list of her nine sisters, see under Clarence Threepwood. A strikingly handsome woman in her middle forties in Leave It to Psmith with a high, arched nose, admirably adapted for sniffing. Devoted admirer of the Efficient Baxter, also soft on the Duke of Dunstable, her one-time suitor and briefly her fiance until he canceled his wedding plans because her father refused to meet his terms in the matter of a dowry. With these exceptions, strong men run like rabbits to avoid her: the sort of woman who makes you feel that no matter how suave her manner for the nonce, she is at heart a twenty-minute egg and may start functioning at any moment. Her efforts in Heavy Weather are directed at the suppression of her brother Galahad's memoirs and the prevention of her nephew Ronnie Fish's marriage to Sue Brown. Shot her governess, Miss Mapleton, in tlie bustle with an air gun in her youth; in The Crime Wave at Blandings she fires same at Beach at a range of six feet, and misses. Married to New Yorker James Schoonmaker and no longer resident chatelaine of Blandings in A Pelican at Blandings, where she revisits the old haunt and once again terrorizes Clarence. Last heard of living in America in Sunset at Blandings.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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