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The Crime Wave at Blandings
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First published: 1936-10-10 Saturday Evening Post (US) / 1937-01 Strand (UK)

Russian translations

  • Tsep' prestuplenij v Blandingskom zamke by V.Serbin: "Inostrannaya literatura" #11, 1995
  • Volna prestuplenij v zamke Blendingz by M.Gilinskij: 1999
  • Volna prestuplenij v Blandingskom zamke by N.Trauberg: 2012


Clarence, 9th Earl of Emsworth
Angus McAllister Lord Emsworth's head gardener
Lady Constance Keeble Lord Emsworth's imperious sister who wants Jane to marry Bertie Roegate
Rupert Baxter Lord Emsworth's ex-secretary who becomes George's tutor
Beach Lord Emsworth's butler
George Lord Bosham's second son and Lord Emsworth's 12 year old grandson who has an airgun
Jane Lord Emsworth's niece and Charlotte's daughter who loves Abercrombie
Simmons Lord Emsworth's retiring land agent
George Abercrombie Gets the post of land agent. Loves Jane.
Herbert, Lord Roegate Loves Jane
Cyril (*)
Miss Mapleton (*)
Lady Charlotte Threepwood (*)
Lord Bosham (*)

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