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Sir Watkyn's Bassett's PGW page - The First site about PG Wodehouse in Russian Internet. Owner: Michel Kuzmenko Language: English

Plum's Quotations & Vocabulary - Largest PG Wodehouse quotes collection and other information. Owner: ssmith Language: Russian, English

Wodehouse fans discussion -
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Pen and Ink of Tatyana Kosach on PG Wodehouse works - Original draws by Tatyana Kosach, artist from Sankt-Petersburg. Russian version also available. It requires Shockwave Flash to browse. Owner: Alexander and Tatyana Kosach Language: Russian, English

Wodehouseans mailing list - PGWnet.
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The Junior Ganymede Club Book by Susan Collicott
P. G. Wodehouse Appreciation Page by Tom Kreitzberg
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P.G.Wodehouse page by Shamim Mohamed (Pongo)
Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (1881-1975) by Marat Khabibullin.
In Appreciation of P.G. Wodehouse by Deborah Dunn
The Junior Drones Club by Eric Hanson
P.G.Wodehouse and Songs by Sudhakar "Bingley" Chandrasekharan
Random P.G.Wodehouse quotation by Paul J. Sanchez
A logic puzzle of P.G. Wodehouseian theme
Keggs' English PGW page by Kari Ossurarson. Also Icelandic version
PGW pages by Satish Chandra and Krishna Kunchithapadam
Wodehouse Info in Italian
Amici di Wodehouse by Sebit and Ugo Mursia Editore. Also Italian version
Nigel Williams Rare Books (P.G.Wodehouse)
Our Links with a Literary Giant by Mike Green
Witty People [P.G. Wodehouse] by Scully
Into the Wodehouse: P.G. Wodehouse Excerpts by Caroline M. Steinford
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Who's Who in Wodehouse by Professor Daniel Garrison
P.G Wodehouse & Douglas Adams - A Tribute by Jenz Kjellberg
Creative Quotations from P. G. Wodehouse by Franklin C. Baer
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bon mots: P. G. Wodehouse by Meghan Marie Retzlaff
Gordon Jones' English Author by Norfolk Academy, Virginia
Hello, Plum! by Marie-Lan Nguyen (In French) by Marie-Lan Nguyen (in French)
P.G. Wodehouse page by The International Guild of Professional Butlers
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Some Wodehouse quotes on a Cecilia Wong page
The Everyman Wodehouse
Encyclopedia Jeevesiana by Ed DeJesus
Jeeves and Wooster
Wodehouse bio at India's Largest Biography Portal
Mario Benzing first Italian translators of Wodehouse in italian.
Plum Readers
A P.G. Wodehouse Coverage
A Celebration of P G Wodehouse
Neil Midkiff's P. G. Wodehouse pages
The Google Earth Wodehouse Project
Blandings: The Wonderful World of Wodehouse
Madame Eulalie's Rare Plums

#Jeeves IRC channel for Wodehouse fans/admirers/followers on DALnet

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