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Service With a Smile
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First published in US: October 15 1961 by Simon & Schuster, New York
First published in UK: August 17 1962 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translations

Blandings Castle is very far being an eartly paradise.

Persecuted by Lasy Constance, who has just given away his favorite hat, harried by his new secretary and various unwanted guests, Lord Emsworth is not a happy man. To top it all the Church Lads's Brigade is camped by the lake and Lord Emsworth has caught some of the boys teasing his beloved pig the Empress. It's fortunate that Uncle Fred, whose speciality is spreading sweetness and ligth, is at hand to soothe his troubled brow. But not before further mayhem has descended on Blandings.

Service With a Smile Service With a Smile Service With a Smile Service With a Smile Service With a Smile Service With a Smile Service With a Smile Service With a Smile Service With a Smile
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Clarence, 9th Earl of Emsworth 61 year old Old Etonian who loves flowers and the Empress
Beach Lord Emsworth's butler for 18 years
Voules Lord Emsworth's chauffeur
Alaric, Duke of Dunstable Large, stout, bald-headed man who thinks everyone is potty
George Lord Emsworth's 12 year old grandson who is interested in moving pictures
Lady Constance Keeble Lord Emsworth's dominating sister who is in love with James Schoonmaker
James Schoonmaker Wealthy American friend of Connie's who loves her
Lavender Briggs Lord Emsworth's current secretary who is tall and haughty. Used to work for Lord Tilbury and wants to start a typewriting agency. Lord Emsworth fires her for wanting to steal the Empress.
Myra Schoonmaker Pretty, slim daughter of James who loves Bill
Empress of Blandings Lord Emsworth's 3 time winner of the fat pig class
George Cyril Wellbeloved Once again Lord Emsworth's pigman
(Stinker) George Pyke, Lord Tilbury Owner of the Mammoth Publishing Company. Keeps a piggery on his estate in Buckinghamshire and wants the Empress.
Archie Gilpin Alaric's good looking nephew who works for the Mammoth Publishing Company. An artist who loves Millicent.
Pongo Twistleton Uncel Fred's nephew
(Uncle Fred) Frederick Altamont Cornwallis Twistleton, 5th Earl of Ickenham A good friend of James and a recent friend of Lord Emsworth who solves all problems at Blandings
(Bill) The Rev. Cuthbert Bailey A curate in love with Myra, went to Harrow and Oxford with Pongo, goes to Blandings under the name of Meriwether
Millicent Rigby Lord Tilbury's current secretary who loves Archie
G. Ovens Proprietor of the Emsworth Arms
Jno. Robinson Market Blandings' only cabdriver
Claude Murphy Constable in Market Blandings
Herbert Binstead (*)
Ricky Gilpin (*)
Basil Glossop (*)
Lady Ickenham (*)
Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe (*)
Maudie Beach Stubbs (*)
Percy (*)
Freddie Threepwood (*)
Wolff-Lehmann (*)

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