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First published: 1927-07-09 Liberty (US) / 1927-08 Strand (UK)

Russian translation


Clarence, Lord Emsworth Loves the Empress
Empress of Blandings Won first prize in the Fat Pigs Class at the 87th Annual Shropshire Agricultural Show
George Cyril Wellbeloved Lord Emsworth's 29 year old pigman
Evans Police Constable in Market Blandings
Lady Constance Keeble
Dr. Smithers Veterinary Surgeon in Market Blandings
Lord Heacham Rich landowner whose engagement to Angela is broken
Angela Lord Emsworth's 21 year old niece who breaks her engagement to Lord Heacham because she wants to marry James
James Bartholomew Belford Worked on a farm in Nebraska. Loves Angela and teaches Lord Emsworth the master pig call.
Angus McAllister (*)
Meeker (*)
Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe (*)
Fred Patzel (*)

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