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Pigs Have Wings
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First published in US: October 16 1952 by Doubleday & Company, Garden City, New York
First published in UK: October 31 1952 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translation

Clarence, ninth Earl of Emsworth, has good health, a large income and a first-class ancestral home with gravel soil and rolling parkland. But these blessings count for nothing in the presence of a certain Sir Gregory Parsloe: Lord Emsworth in convinced he has evil designs on his pre-eminent pig, Empress of Blandings.

It is fortunate for Lord Emsworth that there is at least one member of the family upon whom he can rely. The Hon. is Galahad Threepwood is at hand.

Pigs Have Wings Pigs Have Wings Pigs Have Wings Pigs Have Wings Pigs Have Wings Pigs Have Wings Pigs Have Wings Pigs Have Wings Pigs Have Wings Pigs Have Wings Pigs Have Wings
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Sebastian Beach Butler at Blandings who helps steal a pig. Maudie's uncle.
Clarence, Lord Emsworth 9th Earl who is infatuated with Maudie
Lady Constance Keeble Lord Emsworth's dominating sister who is the widow of Joseph
(Tubby) Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe, Bart. Lord Emsworth's neighbor
Empress of Blandings Prize-winning fat pig who does it again for the third time here
Pride of Matchingham Sir Gregory's fat pig, a rival to the Empress
George Cyril Wellbeloved Sir Gregory's redheaded pigman, formerly in the employ of Lord Emsworth
(Gaily) Hon. Galahad Threepwood Lord Emsworth's brother
(Penny) Penelope Donaldson Small, slender, fair-haired American who is in love with Jerry. Freddie Threepwood's sister-in-law.
Orlo, Lord Vosper Rich, handsome school chum of Jerry's in love with Gloria. Gets engaged to Penny and finally back to Gloria.
Maudie Stubbs Ex-barmaid at the Criterion known as Maudie Montrose. Beach's niece who owns a detective agency. Poses as Mrs. Bunbury, Mr. Donaldson's friend. Used to be engaged to Tubby and after many years, they come together again.
Monica Simmons Lord Emsworth's pig girl in charge of the Empress. Sir Gregory's cousin and large daughter of the Vicar.
Herbert Binstead Sir Gregory's butler
(Jerry) Gerald Anstruther Vail A detective story writer in love with Penny who wants to start a health resort. His uncle, Plug Basham, is Gally's dear friend.
Lady Dora Garland Lord Emsworth's sister
Queen of Matchingham Sir Gregory's new fat pig, imported from Kent
Gloria Salt A tennis champion engaged to Sir Gregory. Formerly engaged to Jerry and Orlo. Becomes reunited with Orlo.
Bulstrode Chemist at Market Blandings
Riggs Aunt Dora's butler
Jno. Robinson Taxicab driver at Market Blandings
Alfred Voules Lord Emsworth's chauffeur
Lancelot Cooper House agent in Market Blandings
Constable Evans Policeman in Market Blandings
G. Ovens Proprietor of the Emsworth Arms. Percy is his son.
Sir George Biffen (*)
Freddie Threepwood (*)

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