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A Pelican at Blandings (No Nudes Is Good Nudes)
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UK Title: A Pelican at Blandings
First published in UK: September 25 1969 by Herbert Jenkins, London
US Title: No Nudes is Good Nudes
First published in US: February 11 1970 by Simon and Schuster, New York

Russian translation

  • Pelikan v Blandinge by N. Trauberg: 1995, 2000

Clarence, ninth Earl of Emsworth, sank back in his chair looking like the good old man in a Victorian melodrama whose mortgage the villain has just foreclosed. He felt the absence of that gentle glow which customarily accompanied the departure of one of his sisters. His brain worked at a speed consistent with the approach of danger. Lord Emsworth needed Galahad.

For a while it is touch and go. There are tricky corners to be rounded, and assorted godsons, impostors and pretty girls to be paired off. Fortunately, many years' membership of the old Pelican Club means the Hon. Galahad Threepwood is able to keep cool, stiffen his upper lip and always think a shade quicker than the next man.

A Pelican at Blandings No Nudes Is Good Nudes A Pelican at Blandings A Pelican at Blandings A Pelican at Blandings A Pelican at Blandings A Pelican at Blandings A Pelican at Blandings A Pelican at Blandings A Pelican at Blandings
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Lord Emsworth
Empress of Blandings Lord Emsworth's prize fat pig
Beach Lord Emsworth's butler for 18 years
Howard Chesney Freddie Threepwood's American friend who is also a crook
Mrs. Willoughby The cook at Blandings Castle
Lady Constance Schoonmaker (nee Keeble) Lord Emsworth's sister now married to the American millionaire, James
Vanessa Polk Lady Constance's American friend, an impersonator, who tries to swipe a painting and winds up marrying Wilbur Trout
Alaric, The Duke of Dunstable Lady Constance's obnoxious friend who is Linda's uncle
Galahad Threepwood Lord Emsworth's brother and Johnny's godfather
(Johnny) John Stiffy Halliday Gally's 27 year old godson, a barrister who is good at golf and squash racquets. Engaged to Linda off and on.
Linda Gilpin Dunstable's beautiful niece engaged more or less to Johnny
J.G. Banks Veterinary Surgeon of Market Blandings who treats the Empress
Voules Chauffeur at Blandings
Wilbur Trout Wealthy American who had many blonde wives and finally lands Vanessa
Ma Balsam Johnny's housekeeper
Joe Bender 28 year old co-owner of an Art Gallery in Bond Street
Jno. Robinson Sole cab driver of Market Blandings
Cuthbert Price Lord Emsworth's pig man
Mortimer Bayliss (*)
G.G. Clutterbuck (*)
Lady Dora Garland (*)
Freddie Threepwood (*)
Penny Vail (*)
Sir Abercrombie Fitch (*)
Wolff-Lehmann (*)

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