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Heavy Weather
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First published in US: July 28 1933 by Little, Brown and Co., Boston
First published in UK: August 10 1933 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translations

Distraught when an author withdraws his manuscript from publication, the publisher, Lord Tilbury, sets about retrieving his fortunes, never guessing that his final obstacle would be in the rotund form of a prize pig.

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George Alexander Pyke, Lord Tilbury Short, fat owner of the Mammoth Publishing Company who wants to publish Gaily's reminiscences. He loves pigs and has a farm in Buckinghamshire.
Lady Julia Fish Large, blonde and commanding sister of Lord Emsworth and Gaily
(Gally) Hon. Galahad Threepwood Lord Emsworth's 57 year old brother who wrote his reminiscences
Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe 7th Baronet and Lord Emsworth's neighbor. Monty's uncle.
Ronald Overbury Fish Lady Julia's son engaged to Sue
(Monty) Montague Bodkin Sir Gregory's nephew and Assistant editor of Tiny Tots. Member of the Drones Club who becomes Lord Emsworth's new secretary. Formerly engaged to Sue, now engaged to Gertrude Butterwick.
The Rev. Aubrey Sellick Editor of Tiny Tots
Hugo Carmody Lord Emsworth's secretary for eleven weeks
Clarence, Lord Emsworth Tall, thin and scraggly 60 year old 9th Earl who loves the Empress. Ronnie's trustee.
Empress of Blandings Lord Emsworth's prize pig
Beach Butler at Blandings for 18 years. Asked to hide Galahad's manuscript.
Pride of Matchingham Sir Gregory's pig, rival of the Empress's
Sue Brown Ronnie's 19 year old fiancee
Lady Constance Keeble Lord Emsworth's dominating sister
Percy Frobisher Pilbeam Runs the Argus Private Inquiry Agency
Voules Chauffeur at Blandings
Jas. Pirbright Lord Emsworth's pigman
George Cyril Wellbeloved Lord Emsworth's former pigman now in the employ of Sir Gregory
J.G. Butterwick Gertrude's father who is the head of Butterwick, Price & Mandelbaum, exporters and importers
Robinson Cab driver at Market Blandings
Buckingham Big Boy Lord Tilbury's pig
Fosberry Vicar at Market Blandings
Angus McAllister Lord Emsworth's Scottish head gardener
Webber Veterinarian at Market Blandings
Stokes First footman at Blandings
Thomas Second footman at Blandings
Bagshott (*)
"Plug" Basham (*)
Puffy Benger (*)
Gertrude Butterwick (*)
Dolly Henderson (*)
Daredevil Dick Threepwood (*)
Gladys Twistleton (*)

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