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Summer Lightning (Fish Preferred)
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US Title: Fish Preferred
First published in US: July 1 1929 by Doubleday Doran, Garden City, New York
UK Title: Summer Lightning
First published in UK: July 19 1929 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translations

Once a man of the Hon. Galahad Threepwood's calibre and reputation starts talking pen and writing Reminiscences, the nobility and gentry of all England recall past follies committed in his company and tremble.

All rally to prevent their publication, and the consequences prove somewhat unusual: Lord Emsworth's prize-winning sow, Empress of Blandings, is kidnapped; yet another impostor is introduced into the ancestral home; and once again Blandings Castle proves too much for the Efficient Baxter.

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Beach Lord Emsworth's butler for 18 years. Has a mother residing at Eastbourne and helps feed the kidnapped Empress.
Clarence, Lord Emsworth 9th Earl and owner of Blandings Castle. A tall, lean man of sixty, he is extremely absentminded and dotes on the Empress.
Hugo Carmody Lord Emsworth's secretary secretly engaged to Millicent
Lady Constance Keeble Lord Emsworth's sister living at Blandings
Millicent Threepwood Tall, fair daughter of the late Lancelot
Ronald Overbury Fish Lord Emsworth's 26 year old nephew who is a member of the Drones Club. An extremely jealous fellow when in love and he's madly in love with Sue.
Lady Julia Fish Ronnie's mother, Lord Emsworth's sister and widow of Major General Sir Miles Fish, C.B.O.
Hon. Galahad Threepwood Lord Emsworth's short, trim and dapper brother in his late 50's who is writing his reminiscences. Only girl he ever loved was the music-hall singer, Dolly Henderson.
James Footman at Blandings
Thomas Footman at Blandings
Empress of Blandings Lord Emsworth's prize-winning sow. Won the silver medal in the Fat Pigs class at the Shropshire Agricultural Show.
Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe Lord Emsworth's 52 year old neighbor. The 7th Baronet lives at Matchingham Hall.
George Cyril Wellbeloved Tall, redheaded pigman with a pronounced squint, formerly with Lord Emsworth, now with Sir Gregory
Pirbright Lord Emsworth's current pigman
Rupert J. Baxter Lord Emsworth's ex-secretary and Connie's helper. Now in the employ of J. Horace Jevons, a Chicago millionaire.
Sue Brown Small, orphaned chorus girl in love with Ronnie and a pal to Hugo. Her mother was the famous Dolly Henderson and her father was Jack Cotterleigh of the Irish Guards. Poses as Myra Schoonmaker to gain entry to Blandings.
Mortimer Mason Stout senior partner of a theatrical agency and manager of the Regal Theatre. Was fond of Sue's mother and a friend of Gally's.
Percy Frobisher Pilbeam Owns the Argus Enquiry Agency. Member of the Junior Constitutional Club who loves Sue.
Pride of Matchingham Sir Gregory's pig who is a rival to the Empress. Won second prize at the Shropshire Agricultural Show.
Voules Chauffeur at Blandings
Bashford1 (*)
Bashford2 (*)
Puffy Benger (*)
Sally Field (*)
Dolly Henderson (*)
Mac (*)
McTeague (*)
P.C. Murgatroyd (*)
J. Schoonmaker (*)
Myra Schoonmaker (*)
Lord Tilbury (*)

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