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Leave It to Psmith
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First published in UK: November 30 1923 by Herbert Jenkins, London
First published in US: March 14 1924 by George H. Doran, New York

Russian translation

The Hon. Freddie Threepwood is to make his debut as a jewel thief, but is not alone. Blandings is brimming with criminals and imposters, all intent on stealing Aunt Constance's diamond necklace. It is left to the debonair Psmith, with his usual aplomb, to discover the identities of one and all.

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Lord Emsworth Fluffy-minded wealthy peer with excellent health who loves flowers
Hon. Freddie Threepwood Lord Emsworth's younger son who loves movies and mystery novels and has a scheme to steal Aunt Connie's necklace. Wants to get into the bookie business and marry Eve.
Beach Butler at Blandings who has trouble with his stomach
Angus McAllister Head gardner at Blandings
Rupert Baxter Spectacled, efficient secretary to Lord Emsworth whose former employer was the American millionaire, Horace Jevons. Finally gets the sack at Blandings and goes back to Jevons.
Lady Constance Keeble Lord Emsworth's sister in her mid-40's who dominates both Lord Emsworth and her husband Joe
Ralston McTodd Canadian poet whom Lord Emsworth offends at the Senior Conservative Club
Aileen Peavy Young American poetress who is also known in the underworld as Smooth Lizzie. Loves Ed.
Eve Halliday Tall, gay and slim school friend of Phyllis' who goes to Blandings to catalog its library and falls in love with Psmith
Joseph Keeble Elderly husband of Lady Constance who amassed a fortune in South Africa
Phyllis Jackson Joe Keeble's small and fragile step-daughter who married Mike Jackson
Ronald Eustace Psmith Champion talker and school friend of Mike's. Left his uncle's fish business to start on his own. Loves and wins Eve. He believes in practical socialism and calls everyone "Comrade."
Mike Jackson Formerly Psmith's father's estate agent. Currently a Master at a school while wanting to buy a farm in Lincolnshire. Married Phyllis.
Ada Clarkson Ex-English mistress at Wayland House who taught Phyllis and Eve. Now runs an employment agency.
Jane Phyllis' maid
Cynthia McTodd Ralston's wife and school chum of Phyllis and Eve
Hon. Hugo Walderwick Member of Drones Club whose umbrella Psmith takes to give to Eve
George Willard Rose-growing friend and neighbor to Lord Emsworth
Susan Lady detective named Simmons posing as a housemaid at Blandings who had been hired by Baxter
Edward Cootes Young American professional card sharper who is in love with Aileen. Poses as Psmith's valet and wants to steal the Keeble necklace.
Jno. Banks Hairdresser in the High Street at Market Blandings
Thomas Footman at Blandings
Stokes Footman at Blandings
Lord Bosham Lord Emsworth's eldest son
Rollo Mountford (*)

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