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Galahad at Blandings (The Brinkmanship of Galahad Threepwood)
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US Title: The Brinkmanship of Galahad Threepwood
First published in US: January 13 1965 by Simon & Schuster, New York
UK Title: Galahad at Blandings
First published in UK: August 26 1965 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translations

  • Galakhad v Blandinge by N. Trauberg: 1997, 2000
  • Galakhad v zamke Blendingz by M. Gilinskij: 1998

Sam Bagshott, son of the late Boko Bagshott, had been at Blandings Castle only a short while, but long enough to know that anyone enjoying its hospitality must get the occasional shock.

Sam braced himself as the possibilities flitted through his mind. The house was on fire? Empress of Blandings had taken to the bottle again? Constable Evans had arrived with a search warrant? There was a wide area of speculation, and he was prepared for bad news in any form.

In any form, that is to say, except the one in which it came.

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Tipton Plimsoll Tall, thin and wealthy fellow engaged to Veronica
Wilfred Allsop Small, fragile and poor English pianist who has to work as music teacher in Dame Daphne's school. Veronica's cousin who gets fired from the school before he starts. Tipton gets him a job in his music publishing firm.
(Vee) Veronica Wedge Beautiful but dumb girl engaged to Tipton
Colonel Egbert Wedge Veronica's father
Lady Hermione Wedge Veronica's dominating mother who looks like a cook. Also Lord Emsworth's sister who lives in Rutland Gate, London, S.W. 7.
Monica Simmons Lord Emsworth's amazon pig girl who graduated from an agricultural college. Loves Willie.
Empress of Blandings Three-time winner of the Fat Pigs contest
Officer Garroway Kind-hearted American policeman
Clarence, 9th Earl of Emsworth Won first prize for growing the largest pumpkin and three-time winner of having the fattest pig
Constance Keeble Marrying Schoonmaker
(Gaily) Hon. Galahad Threepwood Lord Emsworth's young brother
Jno. Robinson Owner of the station taxicab at Market Blandings
Percy Bulstrode Chemist in Market Blandings
Huxley Winkworth Small and repulsive son of Dame Daphne's
(Sandy) Alexandra Callender Lord Emsworth's attractive headed secretary
Samuel Galahad Bagshott Son of Gally's friend, Boko, who loves Sandy. Barrister who writes articles and children's stories. Goes to Blandings posing as Augustus Whipple.
Dame Daphne Littlewood Winkworth Widow of a historian who runs a fashionable girls' school. Former dater of Lord Emsworth who wants to marry him now.
Voules Lord Emsworth's chauffeur
Marlene Wellbeloved George Cyril's niece who is the barmaid at the Emsworth Arms
Evans Police constable in Market Blandings
Thomas Footman at Blandings
Augustus Whipple Author of Lord Emsworth's favorite book. Until now, he was known as Whiffle.
George Cyril Wellbeloved Lord Emsworth's former pigman who retired to Wolverhampton and now owns a pub there
Stokes Footman at Blandings
Morgan Constable in Market Blandings
Beach (*)
Puffy Benger (*)
Lady Dora Garland (*)
William Galahad "Blister" Lister (*)
Prudence Garland (*)
Freddie and Eustace Potts (*)
Oofy Prosser (*)
Buffy Struggles (*)

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