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Sunset at Blandings
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First published in UK: November 17 1977 by Chatto & Windus, London
First published in US: September 7 1978 by Simon & Schuster, New York

The last, unfinished novel, edited by Richard Usborne.

Wodehouse died before finishing this novel, which uses the Blandings formula: a pretty niece brought to the castle to separate her from a suitor; suitor infiltrated under an assumed name by Gally; Lord Emsworth innocently blowing the gaff to an angry sister. Wodehouse's notes complete the story.

Sunset at Blandings Sunset at Blandings Sunset at Blandings Sunset at Blandings
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Sir James Piper England's Chancellor of the Exchequer
Claude Duff Sir James' junior secretary whose aunt is Dame Daphne Winkworth. His uncle is the Duff of Duff and Trotter, provision merchants
Brenda Piper Sir James' forceful spinster sister who rules him
Lady Florence Moresby One of the many domineering sisters of Lord Emsworth. Also widow of the rich American J.J. Underwood. Currently separated from her second husband, Kevin
Clarence, 9th Earl of Emsworth Wants to have the Empress's portrait painted
(Vicky) Victoria Underwood Florence's pretty step-daughter who studied Art in London, and falls in love with Jeff Bennison
Sergeant E.B. Murchison Scotland Yard detective who acts as bodyguard to Sir James
Lady Diana Phipps Another of Lord Emsworth's sisters, the only one Galahad likes. She is beautiful, the widow of Rollo, and Sir James was once in love with her
(Gaily) Galahad Threepwood Clarence's younger brother, who used to be good friends with Sir James. Both were members of the Pelican Club
Jno. Robinson Taxi owner/driver in Market Blandings
Sebastian Beach Butler at the Castle who worked there for 18 years
Empress of Blandings 3 time Silver medal winning Berkshire sow
Marilyn Poole Lady Diana's maid
(Bingo) Jeff Bennison An impecunious artist in love with Vicky. Teaches drawing at a girls' school in Eastbourne owned by Dame Daphne Winkworth. Went to school with Claude Duff
Dame Daphne Winkworth Fires Jeff as a drawing teacher at her school
Freddie Threepwood Lord Emsworth's younger son, who works and lives in America. Comes to London to drum up trade for the English branch of Donaldson's Dog Joy
Stiffy Bates (*)
Messmore Breamworthy (*)
Kevin Moresby (*)
G. Ovens (*)

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