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Jeeves Takes Charge
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First published: 1916-11-18 Saturday Evening Post (US) / 1923-04 Strand (UK)

Russian translations


Bertie Wooster Knows Lord Emsworth at Blandings and engaged to Florence
Jeeves Formerly worked for Lord Worplesdon (Florence's father) who has an aunt who had taken Walkinshaw's Supreme Ointment for swollen limbs. Doesn't like Bertie's check suit.
Meadowes Bertie's ex-valet who stole Bertie's silk socks
Lady Florence Craye Bertie's fiancee. Imperious, serious girl who wants to improve Bertie's mind.
Uncle Willoughby Bertie's uncle writing his Recollections of a Long Life
Oakshott Uncle Willoughby's butler
Edwin Florence's younger brother who is a boy scout
Aubrey Fothergill (*)
Meekyn (*)
Murgatroyds (*)

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