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Without the Option
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First published: 1925-06-27 Saturday Evening Post (US) / 1925-07 Strand (UK)

Russian translations


Bertie Gets arrested on Boat Race Night with Sippy. Pretends to be Sippy when visiting the Pringles.
(Sippy) Oliver Randolph Sipperley 25 year old impecunious author who is supported by his Aunt Vera
Vera Sipperley Imperious aunt of Sippy's who lives at Paddock, Beckley-in-the-Moor in Yorkshire
Professor Pringle Thin, balding, dyspeptic friend of Aunt Vera's
Heloise Pringle The Professor's daughter who looks like her cousin, Honoria Glossop
Aunt Jane 87 year old aunt of the Professor's who loves cats
Sir Roderick Glossop Prof. Pringle's brother-in-law
Egbert Jeeves' cousin and Constable of Beckley-in-the-Moor
Mrs. Pringle

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