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The Purity of the Turf
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First published: 1922-07 Strand (UK)/Cosmopolitan (US)

Russian translations


Bertie Wooster
Bingo Little
Rupert Steggles
Claude and Eustace
Mrs. Penworthy Twing's tobacconist's wife who won the Mother's Sack Race
Prudence Baxter Head gardener's child who won the Girls' Open Egg & Spoon Race
Harold the Page Boy Disqualified from the Choir Boys' Hundred Yard Handicap
Alexander Bartlett (*)
Willie Chambers (*)
Charles (*)
Bessy Clay (*)
Jimmy Goode (*)
Old Heppenstall (*)
Rosie Jenks / Rosie Jukes (*)
Sarah Mills (*)
Lord Wickhammersley (*)
Lady Cynthia Wickhammersley (*)
Egbert Wickhammersley (*)

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