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The Great Sermon Handicap
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First published: 1922-06 Strand (UK)/Cosmopolitan (US)

Russian translations


Bertie Wooster
Bingo Tutoring Egbert Wickhammersley at Twing Hall and is in love with Cynthia
Lord Wickhammersley Owner of Twing Hall and Bertie's father's friend
Claude and Eustace Bertie's twin cousins reading with the Vicar at Twing
The Rev. Francis Heppenstall Vicar at Twing who had tutored Bertie
Lady Cynthia Wickhammersley The Earl's daughter and childhood pal of Bertie's. He was once in love with her.
James Bates Heppenstall's nephew who is Assistant Master at Eton and engaged to Cynthia
Steggles Studying with the twins and makes book on the length of the sermons given by the parsons in the neighborhood
The Rev. G. Hayward Heppenstall's nephew
Brookfield Heppenstall's butler and friend of Jeeves
Rev. Cuthbert Dibble (*)
Rev. W. Dix (*)
Rev. Joseph Tucker (*)
Egbert Wickhammersley (*)

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