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Comrade Bingo/Bingo Has a Bad Goodwood
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First published: 1922-05 Strand (UK)/Cosmopolitan (US) - Comrade Bingo
Comrade Bingo

Russian translations

Bingo Has a Bad Goodwood

Russian translations


Bertie Wooster
Lord Bittlesham Bingo's uncle Mortimer who was made a peer. Member of Devonshire Club and owns the racehorse, Ocean Breeze.
(Bingo) Richard Little Falls in love with Charlotte, gets a beard and joins the Heralds of the Red Dawn
Charlotte Corday Rowbotham Member of the Heralds
Rowbotham Charlotte's father and leader of the Heralds
Comrade Butt Member of the Heralds in love with Charlotte
Lady Bittlesham (*)

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