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The Pride of the Woosters is Wounded/The Hero's Reward
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First published: 1922-02 Strand (UK) Scoring Off Jeeves /
1922-03 Cosmopolitan (US) (Bertie Gets Even)
The Pride of the Woosters is Wounded

Russian translations

The Hero's Reward

Russian translations


Bertie Wooster Gets ensnared with Honoria
Jeeves On vacation
Bingo Little Has a degree from Oxford, tutors Oswald and falls in love with Honoria and then with Daphne
Honoria Glossop Large, brainy and dynamic girl who had attended Girton and wants to mould Bertie
Oswald Glossop Honoria's horrible young brother
Aunt Agatha Wants Bertie to marry Honoria
Lady Glossop Honoria's mother
Daphne Braythwayt Honoria's friend whom Bertie could like but with whom Bingo falls in love

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