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Jeeves and the Greasy Bird
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First published: 1965-12 Playboy (US) / 1967-01 Argosy (UK)

Russian translation


Bertie Wooster
Sir Roderick Glossop Nerve specialist engaged to Lady Chuffnell
Dahlia Travers Bertie's kind aunt, his late father's sister
Percy Aunt Dahlia's cousin
Blair Eggleston Angry young novelist who loves Honoria
Myrtle, Lady Chuffnell Chuffy's aunt engaged to Glossop
(Chuffy) Marmaduke Chuffnell Bertie's friend
Honoria Glossop Once engaged to Bertie
Dobson Glossop's butler
Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright Leading juvenile actor friend of Bertie's
Jas Waterbury Theatrical agent
Trixie Waterbury Waterbury's niece who gets engaged to Bertie to fend off Honoria
Porky Jupp Wrestler employed by Waterbury
Rev. Aubrey Upjohn (*)

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