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Plum Pie
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First published in UK: September 22 1966 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translation

  • Slivovyj pirog by I.Bernstein, N.Trauberg, I.Gurova: 2012 (8 stories)

An anthology of episodes featuring Wodehouse characters such as Jeeves and Bertie Wooster, Lord Emsworth, Ukridge (now in the antiques business), Bingo Little, the courtly Mr Mulliner, Galahad Threepwood and Beach the butler.

Plum Pie Plum Pie Plum Pie Plum Pie Plum Pie Plum Pie Plum Pie
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First published in US: December 1 1967 by Simon & Schuster, New York

  Jeeves and the Greasy Bird
         1965-12 Playboy (US)
         1967-01 Argosy (UK)
  Sleepy Time
         1965-06-05 Saturday Evening Post (US)
         1965-10 Argosy (UK)
  Sticky Wicket at Blandings
         1966-10 Playboy (US) (First Aid For Freddie)
         1967-04 Argosy (UK) (First Aid For Freddie)
  Ukridge Starts a Bank Account
         1967-07 Playboy (US)
  Bingo Bans the Bomb
         1965-01 Playboy (US)
         1965-08 Argosy (UK)
  Stylish Stouts
         1965-04 Playboy (US)
  George and Alfred
         1967-01 Playboy (US)
  A Good Cigar is a Smoke
         1967-12 Playboy (US)
  Life with Freddie
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