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Clustering Round Young Bingo
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First published: 1925-02-21 Saturday Evening Post (US) / 1925-04 Strand (UK)

Russian translations


Bertie Writer of "What the Well-Dressed Man is Wearing" article for Milady 's Boudoir
Jeeves Takes exception to the soft silk shirts being worn for evening wear
Dahlia Travers Bertie's kind aunt who owns Milady's Boudoir
Bingo Little
Rosie Little Novelist Rosie M. Banks who has a marvelous cook wanted by Aunt Dahlia
Anatole Superb French chef of the Little's
Thomas Travers Bertie's uncle with bad digestion. Anatole is the only one who can cook for him.
George Travers Bertie's other uncle suffering from bad digestion

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