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George Cyril Wellbeloved
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George Cyril Wellbeloved, 29, pigman of Lord Emsworth in Pig-Hoo-o-o-o-ey!, Company for Gertrude, Heavy Weather, Service With a Smile: Long, lean, red-haired; no feast for the eye, having a sinister squint, a mouth like a halibut and a broken nose acquired during a political discussion at the Goose and Gander in Market Blandings (his views are strongly communistic), and a good deal of mud all over him, but beyond question a force in the piggery when sober. Pigs like him. Hired away by Lord Emsworth's rival Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe in Company for Gertrude, back at Blandings again after a period of employment at Matchingham Hall in Summer Lightning, but working again for arch-fiend Parsloe in Pigs Have Wings. Retired in Galahad at Blandings, having inherited a public house in Wolverhampton from a relative.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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