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Company for Gertrude
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First published: 1928-09 Strand (UK) / 1928-10 Cosmopolitan (US)

Russian translation


Hon. Freddie Threepwood Tries to sell his aunt, Georgiana, Donaldson's Dog Joy
Lady Georgiana Alcester Freddie's aunt who owns many dogs. One of the many sisters of Lord Emsworth.
(Beefy) The Rev. Rupert Bingham Freddie's pal from his University days who wants to marry Gertrude
Gertrude Georgiana's beautiful 23 year old daughter in love with Beefy
Clarence, Lord Emsworth 59 year old peer who likes to try new medicines. Likes to potter in his gardens. His father lived to be 77.
Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe Stole Lord Emsworth's pigman away
George Cyril Wellbeloved Lord Emsworth's ex-pigman, now with Sir Gregory
Beach Butler at Blandings

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