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Galahad Threepwood
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The Hon. Galahad Threepwood, the only genuinely distinguished Threepwood, Lady Constance Keeble's "deplorable brother" in many stories and novels. Younger brother of Clarence, Lord Emsworth; all but one of his ten sisters regard him as a waster. Lady Diana Phipps in Sunset at Blandings being the exception. When not on missions of mercy at Blandings Castle, lives in Duke St., St. James or at Berkeley Mansions, London W. 1, 4th floor, on a younger son's allowance. Author of scandal-ridden memoirs from the nineties, which he is writing in Summer Lightning. A member of the old Pelican Club in his youth, he once wanted to marry Dolly Henderson, to prevent which his family shipped him off to South Africa. Arrested so often in his prime that he got to know most of the policemen in the West End of London by their first names; has in fact known more policemen by their first names than any man in London. Seems never to have gone to bed till he was fifty. His age is given as 57 in Heavy Weather, the middle fifties in Full Moon, but in Galahad at Blandings he is in the early fifties. His niece Millicent remarks "it really is an extraordinary thing that anyone who has had as good a time as he has can be so amazingly healthy." A short, trim, dapper little cock-sparrow of a man, of the type one associates in one's mind with checked suits, tight trousers, white bowler hats, pink carnations, and race glasses bumping against the left hip. Wears a black-rimmed monocle. Friend and kindred spirit of Frederick Twistleton, Earl of Ickenham, in Uncle Fred in the Springtime. See also Pigs Have Wings, Sticky Wicket at Blandings, A Pelican at Blandings.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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