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Full Moon
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First published in US: May 22 1947 by Doubleday & Company, Garden City, New York
First published in UK: October 17 1947 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translations

The moon lights up the path of true love at Blandings.

Freddie Threepwood's old pal Blister is all set to marry his precious dream rabbit Prudence, a young cousin of Freddie's. But just before the wedding Prudence is shipped off to Blandings by her disapproving mother. Freddie, Blister and their friend Tipton Plimsol follow. To effect a reconciliation with Prudence, Blister, who has the soul if not skill of an artist, poses as a painter of pigs, commissioned by Lord Emsworth to do a portrait of his beloved Empress. Tipton, meanwhile, has fallen in love with Veronica, another cousin of Freddie's. Needless to say, affairs of the heart never run smoothly at Blandings.

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Clarence, 9th Earl of Emsworth His troublesome sisters include Julia, Constance, Dora and Hermione
Lady Hermione Wedge Lord Emsworth's short, fat and dumpy-looking sister who has been married for 24 years
Veronica Wedge Lady Hermione's beautiful but dumb 23 year old daughter once engaged to Freddie, in love with Tipton
Colonel Egbert Wedge Lady Hermione's husband and Lord Emsworth's brother-in-law
Empress of Blandings Twice in successive years the winner in the Fat Pigs Class at the Shropshire Agricultural Show
Hon. Freddie Threepwood Lord Emsworth's younger son who is Vice President of Donaldson's Dog Joy and is married to Aggie
Prudence Garland Dora's slim, short daughter who loves Blister
(Gaily) Hon. Galahad Threepwood 57 year old celebrity of English sporting life
Tipton Plimsoll Young rich American in love with Veronica. Inherited Tipton's Stores from his late uncle Chet Tipton, who was Gally's friend.
Dora Garland Lord Emsworth's tall and stately sister who is the widow of Sir Everard, K.C.B.
(Blister) William Galahad Lister Gally's godson, an artist, who paints the Empress's portrait under the name of Landseer. Freddie's friend in love with Prudence.
Edward Jimpson Murgatroyd Tipton's doctor in Harley Street
McAllister Scottish head gardener at Blandings
Beach Butler at Blandings
Edwin Pott Lord Emsworth's pigman who has no roof to his mouth
Charles and Thomas Footmen at Blandings
Bagshott (*)
Bellamy (*)
Sir George Biffen (*)
Fruity Biffin (*)
Col. Bodger (*)
'Erbert (*)
Angus McAllister (*)
Sir Abercrombie Fitch (*)

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