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The Code of the Mulliners
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First published: 1935-02 Cosmopolitan (US) / 1935-04 Strand (UK)

Russian translations


Mr. Mulliner
Whiskey Sour, Eggnog, Gin and Ginger, Half of Stout Mr. Mulliner's companions
Archibald Mulliner Engaged to Aurelia
Aurelia Cammarleigh Engaged to Archibald
Lady Wilhelmina Mulliner Archibald's mother and widow of the late Sir Sholto, M.V.O.
Sir Rackstraw Cammarleigh Retired colonial governor
Bagshot Sir Rackstraw's butler
Yvonne Maltravers Actress who plays heroines in traveling melodrama
Isadore McCallum (*)

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