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Young Men in Spats
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First published in UK: April 3 1936 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translation

  • Parni v getrakh by N.Trauberg, I.Gurova: 2012

Freddie Widgeon discovers the disadvantages of doing good deeds; Cyril Fotheringay Phipps and Reginald Pongo Twisleton-Twisleton are reunited and Pongo visits old family estates with Uncle Fred; and Percy Wimbolt and Nelson Cork encounter the amazing hat mystery of Alice in Wonderland Toppers.

Young Men in Spats Young Men in Spats Young Men in Spats Young Men in Spats Young Men in Spats Young Men in Spats Young Men in Spats Young Men in Spats
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First published in US: July 24 1936 by Doubleday Doran, Garden City, New York

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