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Uncle Fred Flits By
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First published: 1935-07 Red Book (US) / 1935-12 Strand (UK)

Russian translations


Pongo Twistleton Uncle Fred's nephew who makes him pose as Mr. Walkinshaw, a bird clipper, Douglas Roddis, and Percy Frensham in the course of a single afternoon
Frederick, Earl of Ickenham Pongo's uncle Fred who assumes the identity of the man from the bird shop; Mr. Roddis, owner of the house; and as J.G. Bulstrode, a neighbor
Wilberforce Robinson Pink chap in love with Julia. Assistant in a jellied eel shop.
Julia Parker In love with Wilberforce
Connie Parker Julia's mother
Claude Parker Julia's henpecked father
J.G. Bulstrode (*)
Lady Ickenham (*)
Mr. Roddis (*)
Lord Marmaduke Twistleton (*)

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