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Конкурс переводов - Тур 74 (август 2008 г.)
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Moon Song

   Oh, silvery, shimmering moon that I see shining above,
   I've something to tell you: between you and me,
   I'm in love!
   Yes, there's no concealing, old friend,
   I'm fairly knocked flat.
   How, how in the world is it all going to end?
   Tell me that!

   Moon, in the silent heaven riding,
   My painful secret, I'm confiding
   Tho' you've heard many' tales like mine before,
   You won't mind listening to just one more.
   Moon, not a thing from you I'm hiding.
   This is the point that needs deciding
   Tell me as man to man (Tell me, oh, silv'ry moon,)
   How will it be?
   Is there a chance that she'll love me?

   You've seen quite a number of lovers,
   No doubt, Moon, in your day.
   True love is a thing that you know all about, people say,
   But still I'm willing to bet,
   Though love's in your line,
   You never in all your existence have met love like mine!!
   Moon in the silver heaven shining,
   Though I look strong, I'm really pining;
   At my emotions I hardly can hint;
   I'd rather marry her
   Than own the mint!

   My health the thing is undermining;
   I sit and mope instead of dining.
   I'll go and throw myself into the sea
   If I find out she won't love me!


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