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Конкурс переводов - Тур 66 (август 2007 г.)
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When you've got to earn your living with your fingers,
When you're looking out for someone to garrote, 
Then the memory of prison somehow lingers 
Where you get your morning cocoa piping hot, 
Where you didn't have to pay for board and lodging,
Where your meals were always ready on the nail, 
When in Bow or Piccadilly Little Mary aches for skilly
Then you miss the quiet comfort of a gaol.

Put me in my little cell.
Rock me off to sleep.
Leave, oh leave a warder.
Leave a warder watching at the door.
Call me in the morning,
Bring me breakfast while I wait,
As you used to do when I was "in" before,
When I was "in" before.

There are pleasant little spots my heart is fixed on,
Down at Parkhurst or at Portland on the sea. 
And some put up at Holloway and Brixton 
But—Pentonville is good enough for me. 
And Dartmoor is so breezy and romantic 
That you're sorry when they let you out on bail,
When you've worked till you are droppin'
From a week or two of hoppin'
Then you miss the quiet comforts of a gaol.

Put me in my little cell
Do not make a noise
If, oh if you want me,
If you want me, knock upon the door.
Let my days be sweetened
With a round of honest toil
As they used to be when I was "in" before,
When I was "in" before.

Down at Wormwood Scrubbs the air's a bit relaxin',
So they feed you up on chicken broth and tea.
And the Chaplain or the Doctor for the axin' 
Will advise a little sojourn by the sea. 
When you find that breaking stones is not the proper
Sort of task for one whose health is on the fail, 
When they start you making boots for 
Some poor copper who has cause to 
Curse the day he helped to clap you into gaol.

Put me in my little cell
Let my job be soft,
Tell, oh tell the guv'nor that,
My heart with grief and pain is tore.
Say it's all a blunder
That I'm not the chap they want
But I'm like a bloke that once was "in" before,
That once was "in" before.


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