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Reginald "Pongo" Twistleton-Twistleton
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Reginald G. "Pongo" Twistleton-Twistleton, nephew of Fred Twistleton (Lord Ickenham) in The Luck of the Stiffhams, Tried in the Furnace, Uncle Fred Flits By, Uncle Fred in the Springtime, Uncle Dynamite, Ring For Jeeves, Cocktail Time, Service With a Smile. A slender, personable Drone with lemon-colored hair and an attractive face who by the time of Uncle Fred in the Springtime has fallen in love at first sight with a mixed gaggle or assortment of females to the number of about twenty. In The Luck of the Stiffhams he takes 100 to 8 odds (and a large sum of money) from Oofy Prosser on a bet that Adolphus Stiffham will marry Geraldine Spettisbury. In Uncle Fred in the Springtime he is reading for the bar and driving a Buffy-Porson two-seater which is still going in Uncle Dynamite, where he is still reading for the bar and uncomfortably engaged to Hermione Bostock. Marries Sally Painter in Uncle Dynamite; in The Mating Season we learn of his annual cross-talk act at the Drones smoker with Barmy Phipps; by Cocktail Time marriage has made him a sober citizen, more uncomfortable than ever with Uncle Fred's exuberant ways. Oxford friend of Bill Bailey in Service With a Smile.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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