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Ring For Jeeves (The Return of Jeeves)
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UK Title: Ring For Jeeves
First published in UK: April 22 1953 by Herbert Jenkins, London
US Title: The Return of Jeeves
First published in US: April 15 1954 by Simon & Schuster, New York

Russian translation

Russian text (350K)

Dash it all! It's open season on cheaters and Captain Biggar is loading his rifle to shoot one.

The ninth Earl of Rowcester, also known as Bill, has a certain Jeeves temporarily in his employment. At the racetrack Bill, posing as a bookie, has run off with Captain Biggar's generous winnings and retreated to Rowcester Abbey. There he encounters his old amour, the very rich and beautiful Mrs Spottsworth, who is considering buying the property. She is hotfoot from a chance encounter with Captain Biggar and romance is in the air... Time to ring for Jeeves.

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Rosalinda Banks Bessemer Spottsworth Wealthy American widow interested in psychical research. Wants to buy Bill's home and is in love with Capt. Biggar.
Captain Cuthbert Gervase Brabazon-Biggar White hunter who loves Rosalinda, steals her necklace and returns it. Won a large amount of money from Bill disguised as a bookie who can't pay off.
Pomona Mrs. Spottsworth's Pekinese
(Bill) William Egerton Bamfylde Ossingham Belfry, 9th Earl of Rowcester Poor but amiable peer who is engaged to Jill. Has a bookie business under the name of Honest Patch Perkins.
(Moke) Lady Monica Carmoyle Bill's sister and Sir Roderick's wife
(Rory) Sir Roderick Carmoyle Floorwalker at Harrige's. A jolly humbler who managed to say the wrong things.
Jill Wyvern Small, pretty, practical girl engaged to Bill. She is the local veterinarian and daughter of the Chief Constable of the county. Jealous of Mrs. Spottsworth and doesn't want Bill to play the horses.
Ellen Tallulah French Bill's housemaid
Jeeves Bill's butler whilst Bertie is attending a school to learn the domestic sciences. Also acts as Bill's turfing clerk.
Mike - Bill's Irish Terrier
Colonel Aubrey Wyvern Chief Constable of Southmoltonshire and Jill's short and stout father
Bulstrode Col. Wyvern's 16 year old tall and skinny butler
Evangeline Trelawny Col. Wyvern's 15 year old cook
Mrs. Mary Jane Piggott Bill's superb cook
Clifton Bessemer (*)
Ellen (*)
Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps (*)
Major "Tubby" Frobisher (*)
Subadar (*)
Beau Sycamore (*)
Pongo Twistleton (*)
Percy Wellbeloved (*)
Freddie Widgeon (*)
Sir Oscar Wopple (*)

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