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Cocktail Time
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First published in UK: June 20 1958 by Herbert Jenkins, London
First published in US: July 24 1958 by Simon & Schuster, New York

Russian translation

A wonderful mélange of explosive ingridients, Cocktail Time shows P. G. Wodehouse at the top of party form...

If Lord Ickenham had not succumbed to the temptation to dislodge the hat of Beefy Bastable, the irascible Q'C, with a well-aimed Brazil nut, the latter's famous legal mind might never have been stimulated to literature. But the incident provoked Beefy to write his exposé of the younger generation, a novel so shocking that it caused endless repercussions for its hapless author and sparked off a whole series of outrageous misunderstandings that it would take the inventive talents of Lord Ickenham himself to resolve.

Cocktail Time Cocktail Time Cocktail Time Cocktail Time Cocktail Time Cocktail Time Cocktail Time Cocktail Time
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Pongo Twistleton
(Uncle Fred) Frederick Altamont Comwallis Twistleton, 5th Earl of Ickenham Married to Lady Jane
(Johnny) Jonathan Twistleton Pearce Lord Ickenham's godson who owns Hammer Hall and Hammer Lodge. Troubled by his Nannie, an impecunious mystery writer who is engaged to Bunny.
(Beafy) Sir Raymond Bastable Uncle Fred's wife's half brother who is an eminent barrister. Pompous and arrogant, he wants to run for Parliament. Rented Hammer Lodge and wrote Cocktail Time under the name of Richard Blunt. Finally gets engaged to Barbara.
Cosmo Wisdom Sir Raymond's nephew who poses as the author of Cocktail Time
Albert Peasemarch Sir Raymond's short, fat butler who is easily muddled but friendly. An ex-steward who fought with Uncle Fred during the war. Loves Phoebe.
Phoebe Wisdom Cosmo's mother and Sir Raymond's sister
Barbara Crowe Beefy's ex-sweetheart who works for the Saxby Literary Agency
(Bunny) Belinda Farringdon Engaged to Johnny
Mr. Prestwick Senior partner of Alfred Tomkins Ltd.
Howard Saxby Literary agent in his 70's
(Oily) Gordon Carlisle American con man
Gertrude Carlisle Oily's aggressive wife
Nannie Bruce Johnny's old nurse who runs the Hall
Arthur Popworth Owns and drives the taxicab at Dovetail Hammer
Cyril McMurdo Dovetail Hammer's policeman who is engaged to Nannie
Benjy Phoebe's cocker spaniel
Rupert Morrison Owner of the Beetle and Wedge
Bates (*)
Coggs (*)
Egbert (*)
Barmy Phipps (*)
Augustus Popgood (*)
Cyril Grooly (*)
Mrs. Keating (*)
Marlene (*)
Norbury-Smith (*)

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