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The Luck of the Bodkins
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First published in UK: October 11 1935 by Herbert Jenkins, London
First published in US: January 3 1936 by Little, Brown & Co., Boston

Russian translation

  • Vezyot zhe etim Bodkinam! by N. Usova, A. Sokolinskaya: 2002

Things on board the R. M. S. Atlantic are terribly, terribly, complicated.

Monty Bodkin loves Gertrude, who thinks he likes Lotus Blossom, a starlet, who definitely adores Ambrose, who thinks that she has a thing for his brother, Reggie, who is struck by Mabel Spence, sister-in-law of Ikey Llewellyn (movie mogul, Ambrose's prospective employer and reluctant smuggler), but hasn't the means to marry her. With well-meaning but unhelpful ship's steward Albert Peasemarch and a toy mouse with a screw-top head thrown in for good measure, it will, indeed, take the luck of the Bodkins to sort it all out.

The Luck of the Bodkins The Luck of the Bodkins The Luck of the Bodkins The Luck of the Bodkins The Luck of the Bodkins The Luck of the Bodkins The Luck of the Bodkins The Luck of the Bodkins The Luck of the Bodkins The Luck of the Bodkins
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(Monty) Montague Bodkin 28 year old hero who is engaged to Gertrude
Gertrude Butterwick Engaged to Monty and on the All English Ladies' Hockey Team
Ambrose Tennyson Gertrude's cousin, a novelist supposedly under contract to Superba-Llewellyn and engaged to Lotus Blossom
Ivor Llewellyn President of the Superba-Llewellyn Motion Picture Corp. Married ex-star Grayce who wants him to smuggle a necklace into the States.
(Lottie) Lotus Blossom A beautiful redheaded movie star under contract to Llewellyn who possesses a dominant personality. Engaged to Ambrose.
Mabel Spence Ivor's sister-in-law who is an osteopath in Beverly Hills. Falls in love with Reggie.
George Mabel's worthless brother
(Reggie) Reginald Tennyson Ambrose's younger brother who loves Mabel
John G. Butterwick Gertrude's father and the Tennysons' uncle
Jane Passenger Captain of the Hockey Team
Albert Eustace Peasemarch 46 year old Bedroom Steward
Wilfred Lottie's alligator
J.G. Gooch (*)
Grayce Llewellyn

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