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The Mating Season
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First published in UK: September 9 1949 by Herbert Jenkins, London
First published in US: November 29 1949 by Didier, New York

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Having dispatched Aunt Agatha's young son Thos to his seaside Borstal, Bertie Wooster intends to pay a visit to Deverill Hall, Hampshire, to lend a hand with the village entertainment. Before he sets off, his old pal Catsmeat has a favour to beg: will he ensure that his beloved Gertude is never alone with the eligible Esmond Haddock? Bertie agrees. He must also ensure that the Deverill aunts, of which there are many, think highly of Gussie Fink-Nottle so that the engagement between Gussie and the dreadful Madeline Bassett remains intact. So Bertie, fearless to the end, poses as Gussie for the duration. So far, so complicated. The plot thickens even further, however, when 'Gussie' awakes the next morning only to be told that there is a new guest at Deverill: someone called Bertie Wooster...

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(Bertie) Bertram Wilberforce Wooster Got a Blue in Tennis a Oxford. Nurse Hogg took care of him when a child.
Jeeves Has an uncle who is the butler at Deverill Hall
Lady Agatha Worplesdon Bertie's strong and dominating aunt who has a son Thomas
Thomas Worplesdon Aunt Agatha's beastly son
(Gussie) Augustus Fink-Nottle Bertie's pal engaged to Madeline but falls in love with Corky
Esmond Haddock Wealthy, handsome young man who is dominated by his five aunts. They want him to marry Gertrude and he wants to marry Corky. He writes sonnets.
Charlie Silversmith Jeeves' uncle who is the butler at Deveril Hall
Charlotte Deverill Esmond's aunt who is slightly deaf
Emmeline Deverill Esmond's dotty aunt who talks to herself
Harriet Deverill Esmond's aunt
Myrtle Deverill Esmond's aunt
Dame Daphne Winkworth Strong, dominating Aunt Agatha-ish widow of P.B. Winkworth, the historian. Madeline's Godmother.
Gertrude Winkworth Daphne's daughter who is engaged to Catsmeat
Madeline Bassett Engaged to Gussie
(Catsmeat) Claude Cattermole Pirbright Bertie's pal and schoolchum who is in love with Gertrude. Poses as Meadowes Bertie's valet.
(Corky) Cora Pirbright Catsmeat's sister who is a beautiful movie star in Hollywood who is better known as Cora Starr. The Vicar's niece who loves Esmond.
The Rev. Sidney Pirbright Cora's uncle and Vicar of King's Deverill
Sam Goldwyn Corky's friendly hairy dog
Ernest Dobbs Police Constable and village atheist engaged to Queenie
The Rev. Aubrey Upjohn Headmaster of Malvern House, where Bertie went to school
Queenie Silversmith Charlie's daughter and parlourmaid at the Hall who is first engaged to Dobbs, then to Catsmeat, and finally back to Dobbs
Hilda Gudgeon Madeline's athletic girl friend who lives at the Larches, Wimbledon Common. Loves Harold and tennis.
Percy Hilda's white wooly dog
(Beefy) Harold Anstruther Bertie's chum from Oxford who is a tennis champion and is engaged to Hilda
Meadowes (*)
Barmy Phipps (*)
Pongo Twistleton (*)
Mrs. Clara Wellbeloved (*)
Lord Worplesdon (*)

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