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Uncle Dynamite
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First published in UK: October 22 1948 by Herbert Jenkins, London
First published in US: December 3 1948 by Didier, New York

Russian translation

Russian text (265K)

It is avowed mission in life of Frederick Altamont Cornwallis, fifth Earl of Ickenham, to spread sweetness and light come what may.

From boyhood his has been a gay and happy disposition, and in the autumn of his life he still retains the fresh, unspoiled mental outlook of slightly inebriated undergraduate.

A keen matchmaker and intrepid impersonator, Lord Ickenham is in his element when at large on a sweetness-and-light-spreading excursion. On this occasion the hapless object of his benevolence are his love-lorn nephew, Reginald ('Pongo') Twistleton, and Pongo's former crony, Bill Oakshot. Invariably a mixed blessing, this time the gleam in Uncle Dynamite's eye heralds trouble of a major kind...

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Frederick Altamont Cornwallis, 5th Earl of Ickenham 60 year old uncle of Pongo's who went to school with Sir Aylmer and Major Plank and was known there as Barmy. Wants Pongo to marry Sally.
Bill Oakshott Childhood pal of Pongo's who is shy and loves Hermione
(Pongo) Reginald G. Twistleton Lord I's nephew who inherited a pile of money and is engaged to Hermione
(Mugsy) Sir Aylmer Bostock Bill's 57 year old uncle, an ex-colonial governor who is running for Parliament
Hermione Bostock Sir Aylmer's determined, intellectual daughter whom Bill loves with silent devotion. Engaged to Pongo and writes novels under the name of Gwynneth Gould
(Bimbo) Major Brabazon-Plank Lead an expedition to the Lower Amazon which included Bill
Coggs Lord Ickenham's butler
Sally Painter Small, pert American sculptress who used to be engaged to Pongo and loves him still
Otis Painter Sally's brother who published Sir Aylmer's reminiscences
Lady Emily Bostock Sir Aylmer's devoted wife
Harold Potter 28 year old Police Constable engaged to Elsie. Before being transferred to Ashenden Oakshott, he had arrested Pongo and Uncle Fred at the Dog Races in London.
Elsie Bean Housemaid at the Manor engaged to Harold
Mrs. Gooch Cook at the Manor
Mrs. Bella Stubbs Harold's 33 year old sister
Jno. Humphrey Landlord of the Bull's Head
Erbut (*)
Augustus Popgood (*)
Cyril Grooly (*)
Jane (*)
Myrtle (*)
Percy (*)

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