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Viscount Tilbury
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George Alexander "Stinker" Pyke, First Viscount (but only a Baron in Frozen Assets) Tilbury, younger brother of American millionaire Edmund Biffen Pyke. Founder-proprietor of the Mammoth Publishing Co., of Tilbury House, Tilbury St., London, publishers of the Daily Record, Tiny Tots, Pyke's Weekly, The Sabbath Hour, Home Gossip, and Society Spice. Short, square, stumpy, Napoleonic of aspect and about 25 pounds overweight, inclined to come out in spots when he eats lobster. Brother of Frances Hammond. Widower of Lucy Maynard and father of Roderick in Bill the Conqueror, employer of Sam Shotter in Sam the Sudden, Ronnie Fish in Summer Lightning, Monty Bodkin in Heavy Weather. Lives at The Oaks, Wimbledon Common, where his niece Linda Rome keeps house for him in Frozen Assets. Has a country place in Buckinghamshire where he keeps pigs, including the prized Buckingham Big Boy. Makes arrangements for the theft of the Empress of Blandings to his Buckinghamshire piggery in Service With a Smile. Always eager to add to his huge fortune, hires Percy Pilbeam to trick Biff Christopher out of brother Edmund Pyke's estate in Frozen Assets, where he courts Pilbeam's cousin Gwendoline Gibbs.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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