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Frozen Assets (Biffen's Millions)
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US Title: Biffen's Millions
First published in US: July 14 1964 by Simon & Schuster, New York
UK Title: Frozen Assets
First published in UK: August 14 1964 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translation

  • Zamorozhennye dengi by N. Trauberg: 1999

Wodehouse's artistic level here readied a height which was thoroughly satisfying and acknowledged to be brilliantly executed. Although the idea of helping a friend keep out of trouble for a specific period of time originally occurred in Bill the Conqueror, this is a far superior treatment and altogether highly enjoyable.

Biffen's Millions Frozen Assets Frozen Assets Frozen Assets Frozen Assets
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(Jerry) Gerald Shoesmith 27 year old editor of Society Spice
(Kay) Katherine Christopher American journalist who works for the Paris edition of the Herald Tribune. Loves Jerry although engaged to Henry.
(Biff) Edmund Biffen Christopher Kay's 29 year old brother and bosom pal of Jerry's who is trying to write a novel. He is a drinker who inherits ten million dollars from his godfather, Edmond Biffen Pyke. Loves Linda and marries her.
Linda Rome Lord Tilbury's sensible and capable niece in love with Biff. Works for the Gish Galeries.
Henry Blake-Somerset Kay's fiance in the British Embassy in Paris
(Willie) William Albert Pilbeam Waiter at Barribault's Hotel in Mayfair who lives in Valley Fields. Percy is his son and Gwendolyn is his niece.
Percy Pilbeam Ex-editor of Society Spice who now runs the Argus Enquiry Agency
Gwendolyn Gibbs Lord Tilbury's striking blonde but dumb secretary who loves him
George Pyke, Lord Tilbury Short and stout owner of the Mammoth Publishing company in love with Gwendolyn. His late elder brother Edmond, left his money to Biff on the condition that he does not get arrested before his 30th birthday.
John Shoesmith Jerry's uncle, a solicitor
Ivor Llewellyn Motion picture magnate who advertises in Tilbury's publications
Towser Gwendolyn's Boxer, Champion Silverboon of Burrowsdene
Mr. Scarborough Works for Cohen Brothers, rental clothiers
Cyril Bunting Lord Tilbury's solicitor who poses as Jorkins, the butler
Watson Lord Tilbury's chauffeur
Lady Blake-Somerset (*)
Leonard Gish (*)
Leonard Haskell (*)
Lana (*)
Marlene (*)
Joe Murphy (*)
Lionel Spenser (*)

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