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Ice in the Bedroom (The Ice in the Bedroom)
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US Title: The Ice in the Bedroom
First published in US: February 2 1961 by Simon & Schuster, New York
UK Title: Ice in the Bedroom
First published in UK: October 15 1961 by Herbert Jenkins, London

Russian translation

  • V kazhdoj izbushke - svoi pogremushki by V. Volfson: 1998 (Neva Magazine), 2003

After months of slaving in a solicitor's office, Freddie Widgeon seems set to escape, thanks to some oil stocks recently bought from an American, Thomas G. Malloy. However, the mysteries of high finance are many and strange and Freddie's investment is about to bring him unexpected results.

Ice in the Bedroom The Ice in the Bedroom Ice in the Bedroom Ice in the Bedroom Ice in the Bedroom Ice in the Bedroom
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Percy Cornelius House agent in Valley Fields who is writing the history of this suburb of London. Inherits millions fron his black-sheep brother. An ardent fan of Leila Yorke's.
(Freddie) Frederick Fotheringay Widgeon Currently worker for Shoesmith but wants to marry Sally and go to Kenya to help run a coffee plantation
Rodney, Lord Blicester Freddie's uncle
John Shoesmith Solicitor for whom Freddie works and Oofy's father-in-law
(Oofy) Alexander Prosser Millionaire who owns most of Popgood and Grooly who married Myrtle
Leila Yorke Novelist of romances who wants to write one of stark realism. A large woman in her mid-forties who used to be engaged to Rodney. Married Joe Bishop and left him. Gets him back at the end. Real name is Elizabeth Binns.
(Soapy) Thomas G. Molloy American con man selling oil stocks
Sally Foster Leila's secretary who has copper colored hair. Loves Freddie.
Myrtle Prosser Oofy's wife and Shoesmith's daughter
George Policeman in Valley Fields who went to Oxford. A beefy chap with red hair engaged to Jennifer Tibbett. Also Freddie's cousin.
Joe Bishop Small time actor, now a waiter, separated from Leila and lived with his mother, a former snake-charmer
Dolly Molloy Soapy's beautiful, blonde wife who got a job as Myrtle's maid and stole her jewels
(Chimp) Twist Crook who runs the J. Sheringham Adair detective agency
Saxby Leila's literary agent
Elsa Bingley (*)
Lord Blicester (*)
Mrs. Cornelius (*)
Augustus Popgood (*)
Cyril Grooly (*)
Mr. Jervis (*)
Augustus Keggs (*)
Schwed (*)
Meredith (*)

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