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Bill the Conqueror
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First published in UK: November 14 1924 by Methuen & Co, London
First published in US: February 20 1925 by George H. Doran, New York

Russian translation

Russian text (443K)

Felicia - a sprightly girl calculated to put the stuffing into any man - is about to be married off to the dreary Roderick Pyke when Bill West arrives from New York and she suddenly recognizes in him the man for whom she should forsake all others.

Bill the Conqueror Bill the Conqueror Bill the Conqueror Bill the Conqueror Bill the Conqueror Bill the Conqueror Bill the Conqueror Bill the Conqueror Bill the Conqueror
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Sir George Pyke Forceful and fat founder/owner of the Mammoth Publishing Company. Widower of Lucy Maynard and has a son, Roderick.
Roderick Pyke Tall, thin, intellectual who proposes to Flick but loves another
Percy Pilbeam 23 year old snooper for Sir George and works on Society Spice. Has black hair plastered down and a thin moustache.
Frances Hammond Sir George's strong and energetic sister who is the wife of Sinclair Hammond
Sinclair Hammond 53 year old well-known archaeologist. Flick's uncle.
(Flick) Felicia Sheridan Heroine with amber hair. 21 year old, very pretty and loves Bill West
Bob The Hammond's Sealyham terrier
Cooley Paradene Great millionaire friend of Sinclair's who is a rare book collector. Owns the Paradene Pulp & Paper Company. Wants to adopt Horace.
William Paradene West Hero who is an alumnus of Harvard. 26 year old nephew of Cooley's who thinks he's in love with Alice but really loves Flick.
Judson Coker Bill's childhood and best friend
Alice Coker A beautiful girl. Judson's sister, whom Bill loves
Ridgway Bill's valet
Roberts Cooley's butler
Otis Paradene Cooley's brother in real estate who sponges on him
Jasper Daly Cooley's inventor brother-in-law who also sponges
Evelyn Paradene-Kirby Cooley's niece in her mid-forties who talks baby-talk
J. Birdsey Coker Alice and Judson's millionaire father
Horace French In a gang of crooks. To be adopted by Cooley.
Professor Appleby Crook who wants to steal Cooley's rare books by having Horace live with him. Believer in eugenics.
Wilfred Slingsby Cooley's London Manager who steals his money to invest in theatrical enterprises
Toddy van Ritter Judson's pal and member of the Fifth Avenue Silks
Wace Hammond's butler at Holly House
Sherman Bastable Horace's tutor
Joe the Dip Member of the gang who wants to steal Cooley's books
Prudence Stryker American chorus girl jilted by Wilfred who turns against him
Augustus Briggs Sir George's chauffeur
Montague Grayson Well-known writer of sunny novels
Ike Bullett (*)
Cooley John Paradene (*)

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