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Sam the Sudden (Sam in the Suburbs)
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UK Title: Sam the Sudden
First published in UK: October 15 1925 by Methuen & Co, London
US Title: Sam in the Suburbs
First published in US: November 6 1925 by George H. Doran, New York

Russian translation

No-so-fresh off the tramp steamer from America, Sam Shotter settles in the sleepy suburb of Valley Fields.

His pastoral peace is short-lived, however, when Soapy Molloy, Dolly the Dip, and Chimp Twist arrive on the scene looking for two million dollars they seem to have mislaid in the vicinity. Not only does Sam discover he's livling right bang next door to the girl of his dreams, but he's sitting, rather embarrassingly, on a goldmine. Some rather superior sleuthing will be required.

Sam the Sudden Sam in the Suburbs Sam the Sudden Sam the Sudden Sam the Sudden Sam the Sudden Sam the Sudden
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John B. Pynsent Sam's millionaire uncle who is head of Pynsent Export & Import Company
Samuel Pynsent Shotter Hero Orphan who went to Wrykyn and loves Kay. Does physical culture exercises and writes the Aunt Ysobel column in Fyke's Home Companion
Clarence Todhunter Ex-cook of the tramp steamer Araminter who is engaged to Claire
Lord Tilbury The former Sir George Pyke, owner of the Mammoth Publishing Company
Kay Derrick Heroine 22 year old golden-brown haired orphan living with her uncle, Matthew
Matthew Wrenn Ray's uncle and editor of Pyke's Home Companion
Mr. Cornelius Wrenn's good friend and House Agent for Valley Fields. Writing a history of Valley Fields.
Willoughby Braddock Kay's childhood friend and Old Wrykinian who shared a study with Sam. Millionaire who has trouble with his housekeeper.
Mrs. Winnington-Bates Kay's employer and mother of Claude
Claude Bates Old Wrykinian and a worm who loves Kay
Mrs. Martha Lippett Claire's mother and Willoughby's housekeeper
Claire Lippett Wrenn's cook engaged to Hash
Edward Finglass Dead crook who inhabited Mon Repos
Mrs. Frances Hammond Lord Tilbury's sister
(Chimp) Alexander Twist Owner of the Tilbury Detective Agency who uses the pseudonym, J. Sheringham Adair
(Dolly) Dora Gunn Crook in her mid-twenties who married Soapy
(Soapy) Molloy Crook who works with Chimp and uses the alias, Thomas G. Gunn
Sleddon Willoughby's butler
Amy Large, friendly dog
Percy Pilbeam Editor of Society Spice
The Rev. Aubrey Jerningham New vicar of Valley Fields
Cohen brothers (*)
Spike Murphy (*)

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