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Percy Frobisher Pilbeam
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Percy Frobisher Pilbeam, son of William Albert Pilbeam, cousin of Gwendoline Gibbs; early in his career a journalist, publisher, and editor specializing in sleazy journalism in Bill the Conqueror and Sam the Sudden; a nasty-looking reptilian squirt of about 23 with narrow eyes, badly shaped mouth, pimples, sideburns, small repellent moustache, and hair marcelled in ridges, looks like something unpleasant out of an early Evelyn Waugh novel. Member of the Junior Constitutional Club. Was assistant editor of Pyke's Home Companion, in which he was advice columnist Aunt Ysobel. Sub-editor of Society Spice under Roderick Pyke in Bill the Conqueror, editor in Sam the Sudden; no longer an editor in Summer Lightning, where he sends Sue Brown flowers; manages the Argus Enquiry Agency (cable address Pilgus, Piccy, London), continuing in this business in Heavy Weather, Something Fishy, and Frozen Assets. Keen motorcyclist in Heavy Weather, engaged by Sir Gregory Parsloe to steal Galahad's memoirs. Hired in Something Fishy by Roscoe Bunyan to steal letters promising marriage to Elaine Dawn (Emma Billson) and a contract with A. Keggs respecting the employment of Bill Hollister. Hired by former employer Lord Tilbury in Frozen Assets to prevent Biff Christopher from receiving his inheritance.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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