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Something Fishy (The Butler Did It)
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UK Title: Something Fishy
First published in UK: January 18 1957 by Herbert Jenkins, London
US Title: The Butler Did It
First published in US: January 28 1957 by Simon & Schuster, New York

Russian translation

Russian text (260K)

When Keggs was a butler he eavesdropped on a meeting between his employer, J.J. Bunyan, and a covey of tycoons - J.J. and his associates each agreed to put up $50.000, the total to go to whichever of their sons was the last to marry. 30 years later, Keggs wants to cash in on what he knows.

Something Fishy The Butler Did It Something Fishy Something Fishy Something Fishy Something Fishy Something Fishy
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J.J. Bunyan American multi-millionaire
Mortimer Bayliss Unpopular curator of the Bunyan Picture Collection, with a heart of gold
Augustus Keggs A retired butler who worked for Bunyan and Lord Uffenham. His sister Flossie, is Mrs. Wilberforce Billson, the Battler's wife. Currently owns three houses in Valley Fields.
Jane Benedick Lord Uffenham's pretty, small niece whose sister Anne married Jeff Miller and went to America. Engaged first to Stanhope and then to Bill.
George, 6th Viscount Uffenham Jane's amiable uncle; a wonderful character
Roscoe Bunyan J.J.'s repulsive 31 year old son; a fat millionaire, he becomes engaged to Emma
Emma Billson Keggs' niece who acts under the name of Elaine Dawn
Skidmore Roscoe's butler at Shipley
Stanhope Twine Unpopular sculptor living at Peacehaven
George Lord Uffenham's bulldog
Leonard Gish Owner of the Gish Gallery and interested in selling Lord Uffenham's paintings
(Bill) William Quackenbush Hollister American with ginger-colored hair who works for the Gish Gallery. Loves Jane and is in competition with Roscoe for the tontine.
Percy Pilbeam Owner of the Argus Enquiry Agency whom Roscoe employs to retrieve his letters from Emma
Miss Elphinstone Gish's receptionist
Flossie Keggs Billson (*)
Wilberforce Billson (*)
James Barr Brewster (*)
Col. & Mrs. R.G. Fanshawe-Chadwick (*)
Major Flood-Smith (*)
Joseph Hollister (*)
Angela Murphrey (*)

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