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Wodehouse Playhouse
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John Alderton and Pauline Colllns star in these classic adaptations of P G Wodehouse short stories.

Legendary, long unavailable, and absolutely delightful: presenting seven sparkling adaptations of comic tales by P.G. Wodehouse, the very soul of dry British wit. Pauline Collins and John Alderton star in each of the stories. Wodehouse so thoroughly approved of these adaptations that he provided personal introductions for each, which are included here.

Starring : John Alderton and Pauline Collins

Introduced by P G Wodehouse

Adapted for television by : David Climie Created by : P G Wodehouse Producer: David Askey

Series 1

Wodehouse Playhouse 1 The Truth About George

George Mulliner's attempts to profess his love to Susan are hampered by his speech impediment. The cure turns out to be rather drastic.

Intro by P.G.Wodehouse (avi, 2.7 Mb)

Romance at Droitgate Spa

People can be so snobbish about illness. Freddie Fitch-Fitch requires the blessing from his Uncle on a forthcoming marriage, however, he must use subterfuge to obtain it.

Portrait of a Disciplinarian

Reginald Mulliner is invited to tea by Nurse Wilks. He finds that his formidable old Nanny has lost none of her charms and neither has his old friend Jane Ollphant!

Unpleasantness at Budleigh Court

Charlotte Mulliner falls in love with a fellow poet, however, the course of true love does not run smoothly when the family home of her suitor casts a spell on them both.

The Rise of Minna Nordstrom

A story which charts the rise to stardom of Minna Nordstrom and how she uses her guile to land a lead role in Hollywood.

Rodney Falls to Qualify

A heart-rending tale of love amongst golfers and poets! Can William get a birdie or will his approach be below par?

A Voice from the Past

The meek and mild Sacheverell Mulliner mistakenly takes a correspondence course In Iron Will and Self Confidence, which proves rather too effective tor his fiancee's liking.

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Series 2

Wodehouse Playhouse 2

Anselm Gets His Chance

The Reverend is unwell giving Anselm Mulliner the opportunity to deliver the sermon - one that rewards him with congregation adoration and riches beyond his wildest dreams.

Mr Potter Takes a Rest Cure

Lady Wickham is keen to marry off daughter Roberta to Clifford Gandle but Roberta devises a plan which eventually makes her beg Roberta not to marry him.

Strychnine in the Soup

After getting drunk and ruining his marriage chances, Cyril Mulliner must find a way to gain Lady Bassett's consent for the hand of her daughter Amelia.

Feet of Clay

Agnes Flack and Sidney McMurdo are in love until Captain Fosdyke appears and Agnes falls for him. Agnes, Sidney, Fosdyke and super golfer Cora play for love on the golf course.

The Nodder

Wilmot Mulliner is a lowly nodder and Mabel won't marry him until he makes something of himself. This he does amazing his peers and winning the hand of Mabel.

Intro with P.G.Wodehouse

The Code of the Mulliners

Archibald Mulliner is worried there is insanity in his family and wishes to break off his engagement to Aurelia. However the Code of the Mulliners - to do the right thing makes for dramatic irony.

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Series 3

Wodehouse Playhouse 3

The Smile That Wins

Detective Mulliner has never smiled then Doctor's orders decree he must start! He develops an unnerving smile which has interesting results and wins him his heart's desire.

Trouble Down at Tudsleigh

Freddie Widgeon visits Tudsleigh Hall and falls for April Carroway. He's hampered by her athletic and violent suitor Captain Bradbury and loses his dignity and clothing in her pursuit.

Tangled Hearts

At the Golf Club Smallwood Bessemer and Carter Muldoon change fiancees. A battle to win back the originals commences on the golf course, eventually restoring happiness.

The Luck of the Stiffhams

Adolphus Stiffham and lady Geraldine Spettisbury wish to marry but her father, the Earl of Wivelscombe is against it. Stiffham's luck is with him as he conjures up a ghostly plan!

The Editor Regrets

Bingo Little has been fired by Mr Purkiss, his proprietor, because he ignored a famous writer, Bella May Jobson. Winning his job back requires all his cunning and story-telling skills.

Big Business

Reggie Muiliner has a windfall, loses it because of advice from his fiancee's guardian, then loses his fiancee. A virtuoso pantomime performance revives both his romance and finances.

Mulliner's Buck-U-Uppo

Augustine Mulliner is a mild-mannered, timid cleric until he partakes of some new tonic Buck-U-Uppo and experiences personality and agility changes that revive his life astonishingly.

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