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Extricating Young Gussie
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First published: 1915-9-18 Saturday Evening Post (US) / 1916-01 Strand (UK)

Russian translation


Aunt Agatha Gregson Bertie's aunt who is married to Spencer Gregson, a stock broker
Jeeves Bertie's manservant
(Gussie) Augustus Mannering-Phipps Bertie's cousin in New York engaged to Ray Denison
Bertie (Mannering-Phipps) Narrator who is bossed by his Aunt Agatha
Julia Mannering-Phipps Agatha's sister-in-law, Gussie's mother and widow of Cuthbert. Owns Beechwood in London and was once in vaudeville.
Ray Denison Vaudeville singer engaged to Gussie
Abe Riesbitter Vaudeville agent
George Wilson Alias used by Gussie for the stage
Joe Danby Ray's father, an old English vaudevillian in love with Julia
Spenser Gregson (*)
Cuthbert Mannering-Phipps (*)
Daisy Trimble (*)

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