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1. Jeeves is a member of the Junior Ganymede, an exclusive club for gentleman's gentlemen. What is the name of Bertie Wooster's club?

a) The Bores b) The Junior Bodkins c) The Drones

2. Which of Bertie's aunts 'chews broken bottles and kills rats with her teeth'?

a) Aunt Emily b) Aunt Agatha c) Aunt Dahlia

3. Gussie Fink-Nottle has an unusual hobby. Is it..?

a) Exhibiting prize pigs b) Betting on the length of vicar's sermons c) Collecting newts

4. Jeeves spares no efforts in rescuing the young master. He one posed as Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard to 'arrest' Bertie and take him out of a difficult situation. What did Jeeves claim as Bertie's nickname 'at the Yard'?

a) The Black Shadow b) Alpine Joe c) Lavender Joe

5. It may seem that Bertie has never done a day's work in his life, but he did contribute a 'piece' to Milady's Boudoir. Was it entitled..?

a) What the Well Dressed Man is Wearing b) The Mystery of the Pink Crayfish c) Modern Dutch - the pitfalls of English Silver

6. Who is most likely to bounce onto the stage with a tennis racket and shout 'Hallo, girls'?

a) Freddie Widgeon b) Bingo Little c) Catsmeat Pirbright

7. Who is the 'fiend' who looped back the ropes above the swimming pool, causing Bertie to fall in wearing full evening dress?

a) Tuppy Glossop b) Pongo Twistleton c) Barmy Phipps

8. At which country house might you find the finest food, cooked by Anatole, 'God's gift to the gastric juices'?

a) Totleigh Towers b) Brinkley Court c) Deverill Hall

9. Bertie was surprised to find a butler named Swordfish at one house he visited. For which of Bertie's antagonists was 'Swordfish' a pseudonym?

a) Sir Roderick Glossop b) Sir Watkyn Bassett c) Stilton Cheesewright

10. Bertie borrowed Lord Worplesdon's cottage, but had not settled in it by the time it was burned down. Who by?

a) Edwin Craye b) Thomas Spencer Gregson c) Bobbie Wickham's cousin, Clementina

11. What was the age of Bertie Wooster when he met Jeeves?

a) 27 b) 24 c) 31

12. What musical instrument caused Jeeves to give his notice?

a) Trombone b) Fender Stratocaster c) Banjolele

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