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The Reverent Wooing of Archibald
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First published: 1928-08 Strand (UK) / 1928-09 Cosmopolitan (US)

Russian translations


Mr. Mulliner's Drinking Companions: Gin-and-Ginger-Ale, Draught Stout, Small Bass, and the Double Whisky-and-Splash
Mr. Mulliner Drinks hot Scotch and lemon
Archibald Mulliner Intelligent and wealthy nephew who loves Aurelia. Does a wonderful imitation of a hen laying an egg. Member of the Drones Club.
Aurelia Cammarleigh Superbly handsome tall girl who gives a haughty impression but is really one of the girls
Meadowes Archie's valet
Algy Wymondham-Wymondham Member of the Drones Club
Lysander Aurelia's bulldog who snores
Miss Postlethwaite (*)

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