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Sir Roderick Glossop
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Sir Roderick Glossop, Harley Street loony-doctor in Sir Roderick Comes To Lunch (Introducing Claude and Eustace/Sir Roderick Comes To Lunch) The Rummy Affair of Old Biffy, Without the Option, Jeeves and the Yule-Tide Spirit, Uncle Fred in the Springtime, Jeeves in the Offing, and Jeeves and the Greasy Bird; widowed father of Honoria, uncle of Tuppy. Master of Ditteredge Hall, Hants. A formidable old bird with a bald head, outsize eyebrows, and eyes that go through you like a couple of Death Rays, he believes Bertie Wooster is insane; he himself is nervous about fires (Jeeves and the Yule-Tide Spirit, where Bertie puts a hole in his hot water bottle with a knitting needle). A large list of his phobias appears in Sir Roderick Comes To Lunch (Introducing Claude and Eustace/Sir Roderick Comes To Lunch): he is President of the West London branch of the Anti-gambling league; he drinks no wine, strongly disapproves of smoking, has impaired digestion, disapproves of coffee, and has a particular dislike for cats. Known to Lord Emsworth as Pimples when they were boys at school, and remembered as a most unpleasant boy with a nasty, superior manner and an extraordinary number of spots on his face. Usually ranked #2 gargoyle of the Demosthenes Club, second to Howard Saxby. A widower of two years in Thank You, Jeeves, wants to marry Myrtle, Dowager Lady Chuffnell, but runs afoul of her foul son Seabury. Lord Ickenham impersonates him in Uncle Fred in the Springtime. Has a clinic at Chuffnell Regis, Somersetshire in Jeeves in the Offing, where he visits Brinkley Court in the role of Swordfish, a substitute butler, in order to observe Willie Cream. Still engaged to Lady Chuffnell in Jeeves and the Greasy Bird (where she refuses to marry him until Honoria marries out of his household), and running his clinic at Chuffnell Regis.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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