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Rupert Baxter
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Rupert J. The Efficient Baxter, bespectacled secretary to Lord Emsworth in Something Fresh, where his employer (later to change his views) describes him as "invaluable, positively invaluable." Sacked in Leave It to Psmith, reappears in Summer Lightning, notorious for throwing flowerpots as a result of an episode in Leave It to Psmith. Next appears in The Crime Wave at Blandings, where Lady Constance persuades him to interrupt a motor-bicycle tour of England to become tutor to Lord Bosham's son George, whose air gun eventually causes his evacuation. Employed by Alaric, Duke of Dunstable, in Uncle Fred in the Springtime. Thickset and handicapped by that vaguely grubby appearance which is presented by swarthy young men of bad complexion; staring through his spectacles, he often gives people the impression of possessing an eye that could pierce six inches of harveyised steel and stick out the other side. During his tenure at Blandings the domestic staff live in a perpetual state of smouldering discontent under his rule. During an interval between jobs at Blandings, employed as sec'y to the Chicago millionaire Horace Jevons; has also been in the employ of Sir Ralph Dillingsworth, a Yorkshire baronet.

Source: Daniel H. Garrison. Who's Who in Wodehouse
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