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Something Fresh (Something New)
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US Title: Something New
First published in US: September 3 1915 by D.Appleton and Company, New York
UK Title: Something Fresh
First published in UK: September 16 1915 by Methuen & Co., London
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Russian translation

The one thing that could be expected to militate against the peace of life at Blandings is the constant incursion of impostors. Blandings has impostors like other houses have mice.

On this particular occasion there are two of them - both intent on a dangerous enterprise. Lord Emsworth's s secretary, the Efficient Baxter, is on the alert and determined to discover what if afoot - despite the distractions caused by the Hon. Freddie Threepwood's hapless afair of the heart.

The first Blandings Castle novel sets the standard for the parade of impostors on the premises.

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Ashe Marson 26 year old American hero who went to Harvard and Oxford. Writer of Gridley Quayle, Investigator series for the Mammoth Publishing Company's British Pluck Library under the name of Felix Clovelly. Physical culture addict and personal instructor to Mr. Peters. Loves Joan Valentine.
Mrs. Bell Ashe's landlady in London
Joan Valentine 23 year old pretty American heroine who writes short stories for Mammoth's Home Gossip. Had been a chorus girl in The Baby Doll, a governess and a lady's maid.
Hon. Frederick Threepwood Bone-headed younger son of Lord Emsworth who was expelled from Eton and Oxford. Loves Joan but is engaged to Aline.
(Dickie) R.Jones 50 year old fat moneylender and blackmailer
Clarence, The Earl of Emsworth Freddie's wealthy, absentminded father who paints his museum furniture and bedroom. Went to Eton in the 1860's and was nicknamed "Fathead." His museum includes such treasures as a Gutenberg Bible and a bullet from Waterloo. He is a member of the Senior Conservative Club in London. He loves flowers and is constantly pottering round his garden.
J. Preston Peters American millionaire who collects scarabs
Aline Peters Preston's daughter who is loved by Emerson but is engaged to Freddie
George Emerson American redhead in a New York law firm who wants to marry Aline
Lord Percy Stockheath Freddie's cousin who had a breach-of-promise case and lost it
Adams Head steward of the Senior Conservative Club
Rupert Baxter Lord Emsworth's secretary who wears rimless glasses and suspects everyone
Thorne Lord Emsworth's Scottish head gardener
Lord Bosham Freddie's older brother
Simpson Joan Valentine's pseudonym as Aline's maid
Lady Ann Warblington Lord Emsworth's sister who has lived at Blandings since his wife died
Mrs. Twemlow Housekeeper at Blandings
Beach Lord Emsworth's Butler who has many ailments on which he discourses voluably in a most ungrammatical way
Merridew Under-butler at Blandings
James Footman at Blandings
Alfred Footman at Blandings
Lady Mildred Mant Lord Emsworth's eldest daughter and wife of Colonel Horact Mant
Colonel Horace Mant Lady Mildred's husband of the Scots Guards
Judson Freddie's valet
Algernon Wooster Lord Percy's cousin
Bishop of Godalming A Threepwood relative
Billy Knife and shoe boy at Blandings
Muriel Lady Ann's Persian cat
Dr. Bird Local physician at Market Blandings
Slingsby Chauffeur at Blandings
Chester (*)
Ferris (*)
Miss Willoughby (*)

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